As Time Goes By

an interactive installation commissioned by the 3rd International Conference on Time Perspective to draw attention to the conference.

“As Time Goes By” is an interactive installation about process, going forward, living, starting from somewhere and ending. It is interested in the experience of that journey. It explores the concept of time; how we perceive time, pass time, waste time, kill time, make use of time, we feel about time, we value time, measure time and more through a two way interaction with the public: both giving and receiving.

The installation consists of 3 units spread to three walls. The main installation, on the larger wall, is a big calendar wall, housing 24 sets of calendars, counting forward to the end of the festival 19th of August. It is inspired by the traditional calendars we have in Turkey called “wisdom calendar (maarif takvimi in Turkish)”. Those calendars consist of all the days of the year printed on A6 page each and binded together with glue. On the front of the pages there is the date of the day, while on the back there is some story, food recipe, idioms, jokes, wisdom, riddles etc. Everyday you are supposed to rip the page and be inspired. Just like that on our installation we have the date on the front and on the back we have something about time to make people think about time and experience time from a different perspective. The audience is welcomed to take the pages every day and count forward to the end of the conference.

On the second smaller wall, we have the visual identity of the festival printed only with outlines. The audience is invited to colour in the visual identity as they wish. This part of the installation is about process. It is a way of counting forward to the conference.

The third wall functions as an open stage. The audience is invited to reflect on their perception of and experience with time using the note cards provided. During and at the end of the festival these note cards will be collected and archived to be used in future projects. So, while on one hand, the main part of the installation is consumed by the end of the festival as we give away the pages of the calendar to the audience, on the other hand, on the 3rd part of the installation we receive from the audience by collecting their reflections on time. In other words, the installation is a play between creation and consumption, giving and receiving.

Please do interact.

Example Pages from the Calendar