Fair Trade


It was about time you did something good as you shopped.

We care deeply about fairness in life. In fact, we lose a lot of sleep over unfair chain of events. That is why both in our professional and personal lives we try to purchase and resell fair trade products. Both as consumers and businesses we hold great deal of power in shaping the lives of others. We should demand fair working and living conditions for all, not just for the privileged.

This sensitivity and hours of research guided us to meet brands like RainTree and Neutral in Denmark. We resell RainTree baskets handmade by underprivileged women in India. We also try to use Neutral textiles, made out of Fair Trade cotton, when we want to print our own designs. In time, we want to increase the number of fair trade brands we work with.

Highlighting RainTree, a Fair Trade Brand

RainTree is a fair trade brand based in Ringkøbing Denmark working with underprivileged women in India. The brand's signature product is handwoven large bags and baskets partly made out of recycled plastic. They are extremely practical and durable for daily use.

Women in India handweaving the RainTree bag
Some of the women working at fair trade project RainTree
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Wanna Learn More About Fair Trade?

You might start with the videos below to understand what fair trade is and how it contributes to the UNSDGs. For more detailed information, please visit Fair Trade's website. In Denmark, there is also Fair Trade Design and Craft.

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