4. Hamide Days

Upcycle Your Clothes with Hamide

how to be more sustainable in a humble way

For Hamide Days, we try to come up with events that reflect Hamide Yanç Özçetin’s values and design approach. Upcycling has a very significant place in her design work and lifestyle. Thus, we also adapted as one of our values at the studio. Therefore, this year we thought it would be very inspiring and a great deal of fun to do a session at our studio where we bring some of old clothes and textiles and think of ways to reuse them.

Please bring old clothes, textiles, scissors, basic stitching supplies, knitting tools, etc … It could be really old sheet, a worn out tshirt that you can’t donate. At the studio, we have a sewing machine, some sewing supplies but it might not be enough for everyone. There will be tea, coffee, and some snacks.

Hamide Team

26 February 2017

13:00 – 16:00

@ Hamide

Kigkurren 8K, st, 200, KBH S

Free Entry

This is what happened. Thank you all who joined us.