Funeral of Hamide Yanç Özçetin

a departure


Hamide once said there is nothing as free as birds.
And she was the most special eastern bird.
On a peaceful and white Monday morning at 6.51, she flew to the eternity.
She will fly forever in the endless sky peacefully and happily,
always curious to explore new places and eager to experience new things.
She was an ingenious designer and an amazing cook.
Her good heart, her humble nature, and her respect for life were extraordinary.
Her laughter and her words were always sincere.
She was a fabulous, graceful, chic woman.
She was our light, our inspiration, and our strength.
She was the coolest mother.
She has touched and inspired many and different kinds of people
all around the world.
Sadly, on the 4th of march
we are gathering to say goodbye to her and we would love if you join us.

Best Regards
Hamide’s night birds Seda & Şeyda Özçetin


13.00 Funeral Prayer at Nusrat Dhajan Mosque, Eriksminde Alle 2, 2650 Hvidovre

Imam will guide you through the ceremony. Basically he will pray in Arabic. It is fine if you do not know the prays. You should just listen,
respect, and wish nice things as your part.

14.00 Burial Ceremony at Vestre Kirkegård, Vestre Kirkegårds Alle 15, 2450 København
Afdeling: 7 Række: 31 No: 37

Imam will guide and pray in Arabic. The body will be buried in the ground. If you wish to say a few words about her, it might be possible during this ceremony. However, we are not sure about the ritual precisely since this is also our first Islamic funeral. We will all together see how it goes.


Code of Conduct: She was a Muslim, therefore the ceremony will be Islamic, however, it is of course open to everyone from every kind of belief.

Dress code: She was a fabulous, chic lady, so interpret “ fabulous”. There is no color code.

Flowers: She loves them. Feel free to bring.

Photographs: You can take photographs but we do not want them to be published on Facebook.

Transportation: We cannot finance the transportation between the mosque and the cemetery. We can only arrange taxis to be available if we know how many people will be attending to the ceremony.

RSVP: As soon as possible via Facebook event page or via or via 29761675. You should know that you can either attend both parts of the ceremony or you can choose the funeral prayer or the burial ceremony based on your availability. All we care is you want to be part of this somehow.

Please use this link to download the invitation:

4 March 2013

13:00 – 15:00

@ Nusrat Dhajan Mosque

Eriksminde Alle 2, 2650 Hvidovre

@ Vestre Kirkegård

Vestre Kirkegårds Alle 15, 2450 København
Afdeling: 7 Række: 31 No: 37