Pomegranate #1

a pop-up shop

Pomegranate, a project by Hamide Design Studio, is a platform bringing together creative professionals to question, experiment, play, challenge, change, reflect and connect. It consists of a series of events in various formats like talks, exhibitions, performances, and pop­up shops.

Pomegranate #1 is organized in collaboration with VESS Art Gallery in the form of a pop­up shop. Reflecting Hamide’s vision, the pop­up has been curated to present works that have the power to enhance everyday life through ​ their design qualities that value ​ aesthetic experience, handcraft, local production, and slow consumption. Thus, it presents works by Hamide Design Studio as well as Beadleg, Blindes Arbejde, Collage Art by Mahmud Şahan, Mirins Copenhagen, Phylicia Gilijamse Jewellery, Planteplaneter, Raintree, and Ses Perisi ranging from artworks to stationery, fashion, jewellery, plants, and cosmetics.

Opening Reception

26 June 2015

19:00 – 21:00


Oehlenschlægersgade 36, 1663 København V

Free Entry

DJ: Martynas

Refreshments will be served

Period: 26 June – 9 July 2015