Beauty of Joseon, Radience Cleansing Balm, 100 ml

Cleansing balm from the legendery K beauty brand Beauty of Joseon. It contains rice water and fermented grains. It clears out the skin and makes it radient.


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Besuty of Joseon is one of the recent K- beauty brands which became viral. One of the main ingredients the brand uses is rice which is one of the key igredients in K- beauty and Asian beauty both in modern times  and traditionally. Cleansing balms are the first step in K-beauty facial routine. Cleansing balms and oils break the make up and dirt gently.

The product contains rice water and fermented grains which are great ingredients to clear the skin and give it a glow within. You should definetely give it a try!

Brand: Beauty of Joseon

Made in South Korea.

Content weigth: 100 ml.

Product weight: 193 gr.


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