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The minimalist print “The Alphabet: Ø” is your shortcut to a beautiful island in the middle of blue. All you need is to put up on your wall and mind travel once in a while.

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“The Alphabet” collection explores letters not only through forms but also in association with words. Each letter design is expected to represent a word starting with that letter.

The first letter we studied was “Ø” from the Danish alphabet. Our intern Jakob Löser chose this letter and the word “ø”, which means island in Danish. In his own words, Jakob explains his design:

“During my internship at Hamide design studio in Copenhagen, I have learned a lot about art, the process of designing, and how to convert ideas into final products. After one week with Seyda and Seda Özçetin as my mentors, that is what turned out: “Ø” is a simple and minimalistic poster, designed by me, for Hamide.

To start off, I had to choose a letter, and to think about, what this letter means to me. “Ø” is round and symmetrical, and I especially like it, because this one single letter, means island in danish. On the poster you can see the “Ø” swimming in the water like an island, and it fades away under the calm waves of the sea.”

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