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We designed the “Animinimalistic: the Elephant” print for kids’ rooms. Loving how children simplify forms in real life, we used crude geometric forms to create this cute elephant. We followed a hands-on process and first created a collage and then reproduced it as digital prints.

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“Animinimalistic: the Elephant” print, designed for kids’ rooms, features a cute elephant in pink formed by crude geometric forms. The elephant is on a background made of the shapes that actually form the elephant. In other words, the background pattern is the abstraction and deconstruction of the elephant.

The crudeness in the forms is intentional. We wanted to catch a children’s drawing feeling because we like how they simplify things and the print was intended for them. The process of creating this print was also very hands-on and playful. So, we initially created an original collage and then replicated it.

The print is part of the “Animinimalistic” collection through which we study animal forms with a geometric, minimalist, and crude attitude. In addition to the elephant, we have giraffe and bird in this collection.

Designed by Şeyda Özçetin and Seda Özçetin in 2015 in Copenhagen.

Size: A3 (29,7 * 42 cm)

Material: 250 gr mat poster paper

Printed in Germany.

Recommendation: We think the print looks the best in oak frames. You can find a variety of frames on our online store: A3 frame

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