Print | Meet the Locals of Copenhagen: Windmills in Øresund

Probably one of the best views of flying to or from Copenhagen is the view of the windmills in Øresund. The first time we saw them, we were mesmerized. So, naturally they got their place in the “Meet the Locals of Copenhagen” series.

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265,00 DKK

The art print “Windmills in Øresund” from the “Meet the Locals of Copenhagen” series features a graphical illustration of the windmills in the Øresund sea. The windmills make the Copenhagen sunsets unique especially if you happen to be at or above Amager Beach. So, naturally they deserve to be in the “Soul of City” is a collection, which is about our perception of cities and their culture. With this collection, we present the patterns we observe in cities in a playful and contemporary approach.

Designed by Seda Özçetin and Şeyda Özçetin in 2013 in Copenhagen.

Open edition, signed.

Size: 30 * 40 cm

Material: 270 gr silk paper

Printed in Copenhagen.

Recommendation: We think it looks the best in white frames. But we also use it in black frames. You can find a variety of frames on our online store: 30*40 cm frame

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