Scrunchie | Once Upon a Time I Was a Night Gown | Handmade & Limited Edition

The best friend of pony tails and buns, aka the scrunchies are back! What is special about our scrunchie here is that it is handmade by our lead designer Seda by up-cycling a night gown. So, you should totally wear it on a Saturday night out.

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The scrunchie “Once Upon a Time I Was a Night Gown” is a result of a very very sustainable lifestyle. How so? Our mother Hamide was a fashion designer and she has designed and handmade so many items in her career since the age of 10. She was also a sustainability nerd. One of her trademarks is that she up-cycles. If an item is no longer able to serve you, then she figures out a new purpose for it. So, now, running a design studio with her name and in her memory, it is our job to up-cycle. And it almost feels like it runs in the family. We love it.

So, Seyda had this night gown, she barely used cause the cut was a bit off. And she was like that is it, we should consider a new life for this thing. It is washed and cleaned, envisioned, and later cut and sewn by our lead designer Seda and here you meet the scrunchie.

It is a limited edition of 3, and we are keeping one of them. It is handmade. It has a nice shiny, smooth, burgundy fabric which looks quite exclusive.

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Seda Özçetin

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Handmade, Limited Edition, Slow Production, Sustainable, Up-cycled

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