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Ekose totebag,  is perfect for the sustainable “you”, who is always ready to shop in style and consciousness. It was designed for the 6. Hamide Days as part of the “H for Hamide” collection. While the H stands for Hamide to us, it could stand for anything to you. Happy, Hot, Hannah, Hans, Hamburg …

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Hamide Yanç Özçetin designed various number of bags in a variety of designs throughout her career. Especially, shopping bags were really important due to environmental reasons. She was against over-consumption, single use products, or products damaging the environment. In her everyday life, she was extremely careful about her use of plastic bags and packages. She respected so much to the work behind products, materials, and resources. Moreover, she also cared about creating good and decent experiences. That’s why textile shopping bags were one of her signature products and that’s why we decided on this product type for the 2019 edition of “H for Hamide” collection, through which we explore the values of Hamide.

The design reflects Hamide’s minimalism, geometric and structural attitude, which were all Hamide’s design characteristics. As we were exploring the letter H, we realized that it is formed by two vertical and one horizontal lines crossing and intersecting with 90 degrees giving this feeling of continuity in both directions. So, this feature was a perfect opportunity to create an “ekose”(checker) pattern, which we have always admired. While doing so, we defined a section of the intersecting lines to reveal the “H” and the source of the ekose pattern.

Designed by Seda and Şeyda Özçetin in Ankara in 2019.

Material: %100 Ekoteks certified cotton, 140 gr

Size: 35 * 40 cm

Production: Transfer print |  Made in Istanbul

Care: Wash inside out in the handwash program of the machine.

Print life is between 12-15 washes.

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Seda Özçetin, Şeyda Özçetin


H for Hamide


100% cotton

Color Scheme

Natural Cotton

Pattern | Illustration | Form

Checker / Plaid

Made in


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