October my love embroidery

October, my Love

This collection is dedicated to fall, originality, memories, inspiration, friendship, and our mother Hamide Yanç Özçetin.

We find fall so beautiful and inspiring. I am sure we are not the only ones. Especially the changes that trees experience are astonishing. I can’t take my eyes off those leaves with all amazing colors. Having a walk and just observing them… Always want to keep that scene in your mind, in your sight… Makes you pick up a leaf eventually and keep it somewhere, maybe between the pages or in a box as my mother (Hamide Yanç Özçetin) did for years.

This was my inspiration for our first collection; “October, my love”. Those leaves that we pick up in fall, the leaves we keep, the leaves reminding us those times… And the originality of things… What makes that specific leaf so special or different than those millions of other amazingly beautiful leaves? Because you or he or she picked it up from that spot or this spot, on that day at that time when you were having a walk  in that park you loved so much, in that city after you had that news or had lovely brunch with your friends and so on… The point is, the memory, the story behind it make that leaf even more original and special! The originality, the uniqueness of things…

Taking this as a departure point and longing for the October in Lund, Sweden, where I spent two and a half years of my life, I asked my friends to pick up October leaves and send them to me. So some of my friends cared enough and contributed.

Here in our first collection “October, my love”, which I curated, I am so happy to introduce these leaves; these “October Portraits” to you.

So What Else Do We Have in This Collection?

Taking October as a romantic and inspirational period, in this collection, we focused on creating objects that can inspire us or they are inspired by creative activities such as writing, reading, or sketching. We also focused on the scenarios that we interact with nature; the activities that would evoke our human side, such as walks in the parks, observing nature, taking a bike ride or having a picnic.

The keywords for this collection could be listed as creativityhumannatureromanticartinspirationnon-industrialmemoriesfeelingsuniqueness. Based on these keywords, we grouped our products under the following subtitles as October portraits, October rains, October rides, October colors, and October coziness, presenting the essence of the products.

In this collection, we chose materials that are comparatively natural with a cozy color scheme and texture reminding fall. Also, we preferred handmade production rather than industrial to emphasize the essence of the collection.

This collection is dedicated to fall, originality, memories, inspiration, friendship, and our mother Hamide Yanç Özçetin. We would also like to thank to our friends who have been supporting our journey since we began, but especially to Feride ToprakDuygu Baharoğlu UnverdiHande ÇalıkAnders Qvarnström and Khalida Hassan for their collaboration during the time.

Let October inspire you!

Art Director, Şeyda Özçetin