Pomegranate #2: Talk

featuring Bitchslap Magazine / Copenhagers / Scandinavia Standard / Sivellink / The Jaunt

Pomegranate, a project by Copenhagen based Hamide Design Studio, is a platform bringing together creative professionals to question, experiment, play, challenge, change, reflect and connect. It consists of a series of events in various formats like talks, exhibitions, performances, and pop-up shops.

Pomegranate #2 is organized in collaboration with Verdenskulturcentret, a creative hub for various intercultural activities, in the form of a talk within Global Entrepreneurship Week Denmark. The talk will focus on immigrant entrepreneurs in Denmark within creative industries through the perspective of five successful immigrant entrepreneurs. It aims to not only reclaim the meaning of the word “immigrant” but also to add a positive connotation to it by sharing successful and inspiring stories of immigrant entrepreneurs. It tries to introduce the contributions these immigrant entrepreneurs have made to the Danish business, cultural and social life. It positions itself as a much needed platform to share and discuss the challenges immigrant entrepreneurs experience and how the conditions could be improved. It also explores the role of Denmark and Copenhagen in these businesses.

The talk will be moderated by Hamide Design Studio and will introduce the following immigrant entrepreneurs and their businesses:

Nick Bridge / Bitchslap Magazine: Nick Bridge is the founder and creative director of the contemporary culture and lifestyle magazine Bitchslap. Bitchslap magazine spots, showcases and elevates fresh talent, and pays homage to the veterans who shape our subcultures.

Mattia Abeni / Copenhagers: Mattia Abeni, a Copenhagener since 2010, is a video maker, storyteller, new media enthusiast, tech addict and the founder of Copenhagen based visual production studio, Copenhagers. Copenhagers wants to promote people, stories, places, brands, ideas, projects and to give visibility to all those folks out there that every day keep doing what they love moved from a sincere feeling. “Because at the end of the day it is all about passions” Mattia says.

Freya McOmish / Scandinavia Standard: Freya McOmish is the creative director of Scandinavia Standard, an English-language website about Scandinavian lifestyle for locals, travellers and scandiphiles. She co-founded the site together with Rebecca Thandi Norman to explore the best of Scandinavian design and culture, and to help provide readers with access the city they’re in, now. Freya is half Australian, half Danish, with a background in law, business and film. A Copenhagen resident since 2012, she loves her adopted home for its simple beauty.

Emma Sivell / Sivellink: Emma Sivell owns and runs the Copenhagen based graphic design studio Sivellink. She creates artwork for a growing number of Danish companies. She says “the simple fact is….most of this client work would have never come my way if I hadn’t fallen in love with Copenhagen, started illustrating the architecture and invested in myself as a designer”.

Jeroen Smeets / The Jaunt: Jeroen Smeets is an entrepreneur in the creative sector. Coming from a background in art and magazine publishing he runs the agency Your:Own, and is the creative director of projects like The Jaunt and Eight magazine. Four years ago Jeroen moved to Copenhagen, Denmark, where he lives with his girlfriend and two kids.

* Sponsor: Pomegranate #2 is kindly sponsored by Verdenskulturcentret.

* Poster design & art direction by Hamide Design Studio, photograph by Lasse Nilsson, 2015.

18 November 2015

17:00 – 20:00

@ Verdenskulturcentret

Nørre Alle 7, 2200, KBH N

Free Entry

Registration via Eventbrite: 


150 seats available