3. Hamide Days

memorial days for our honorary founder Hamide Yanç Özçetin

Hamide Design Studio, for the third time, welcomes you to Hamide Days. Every year from the 20th of February to the 4th of March, Hamide Days is organized for the anniversary of Hamide Yanç Özçetin’s birthday and passing; the honorary founder of Hamide, the mother of the co-founders and their main inspiration.

This year Hamide Days will introduce two events. We will open the 3. Hamide Days on the 20th of February to celebrate Hamide Yanç Özçetin’s birthday, with the event “Send a Hamide Postcard”. The second event will take place on her passing away day, the 25th of February. This time we will gather for the launch of the print designed for this specific occasion.

The events will be limited to number of guests so please follow up the events and register.


20 February 2016 / 3. Hamide Days_Send a Hamide Postcard

04 March 2016 / 3. Hamide Days_Print Launch

20 February – 4 March 2016