DIY Retro Hanger Kit Manual

RainTree: Package, Package Label, and Manual Design

The Brief

Package design for RainTree’s new product “DIY Retro Hanger Kit”, including both the package, label and manual. The design was expected to be economic to produce, easy to stack and send via post.

constraints: economy, informative, attractive

The Design

The design brings an economic solution to the package and an informative, readable solution to both label and manual.

keywords: economic, informative

Package Design

The package was supposed to accommodate 2 sets of DIY hanger kits and a manual. Various alternatives were created in box forms, where each item had a defined area to be put in. However, producing these ideas required production of a unique knife to cut out the box layout from cardboard, which was economically not feasible for the client. Therefore, we went for the most economic solution of using a ready made cardboard envelope.

Label Design

We designed a product label for the packages. The design illustrates the product, informs about the product and the contents of the box. DIY feeling is given by half done half undone product look. RainTree’s corporate color scheme is chosen.

Manual Design

We designed a manual explaining how to DIY the hanger. In our design process, first we met the brand owner to learn how to DIY the weaving ourselves. Based on this experience we divided the process into categories and steps. The manual starts with the products included and the tools necessary. It then gives examples of patterns one can weave using the plastic wires provided. Then, the following steps are divided into categories to make the process easier to perceive as setting up, starting, weaving, and finishing. The back cover provides some words from the owner and contact information. Overall, a simplified, clear illustration style is preferred to make the illustrations more readable.

DIY Retro Hanger Kit Manual Covers
DIY Retro Hanger Kit Manual Spread
DIY Retro Hanger Kit Manual Spread
DIY Retro Hanger Kit Manual Spread
DIY Retro Hanger Kit Manual Spread
DIY Retro Hanger Kit Manual Spread