Envelope | Organic Paper, Pink

Envelope for the stationery addict, who still loves to send handwritten letters. It is made of organic paper in pink and has a natural texture.

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10,00 kr.


Here is a scenario how it all goes down if you own this envelope: When you write your letter, fold it in three, put it in your envelope, you will feel like “wow i got some style”. Then you will choose the latest stamps you bought from the Post Office at your last visit, stick it on the envelope and think “I got my shit together, look at this, how organized i am!”. Then, you will write the address double checking if everything is correct. Of course, you will need to end the whole process with a cute sticker to this time feel like “wow i am still young”.

To cut it short, get this envelope to feel great!

Colour: Pink
Amount: 1 piece

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Organic Paper

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