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The notepad bundle “Hamide Basics” is here to help anyone who often says “let me take a note”. Its clean and minimal design not only makes notetaking easy but also chic! Your desktop certainly has been craving for this. The bundle includes 1 A6 and 1 A5 notepads in light peach. By getting a bundle, you save 10 DKK.

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The notepad bundle “Hamide Basics” stands out with a minimal fine look. All the elements are tuned down to a just enough status for a good user experience. Both notepads in the bundle consists of 50 pages glued by their top edges with a supporting back cover in white-grey carton. The clean layout of the pages start with the title “notes” and the date area allowing you to follow important dates and events in your daily life such as significant meetings, phone conversations, etc. The pages continue with the notes section defined by grey lines spread in 6 mm. The brown lines on the light peach background creates a good balance in terms of visibility and readability. The guidelines are just visible enough to write straight and leave equal padding; and invisible enough to make your notes stand out. The back side of the pages are empty allowing an additional usage where there is no need for guidelines.

The notepads are part of the “Hamide Basics” collection introducing essential everyday objects in minimal aesthetics for a slow and sound daily experience.

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Seda Özçetin, Şeyda Özçetin

Design Year



Hamide Basics


A5, A6


80 gr paper

Color Scheme

Brown, Light Peach

Pattern | Illustration | Form


Made in



Slow Living

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