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Original Artwork | Leftovers 3D Collage in Dark Blue

This original artwork of 3D paper folds in geometric compositions stands out in any art wall with its ability to play with light and shadow all day long. It is created by using leftover papers from our paper products. So, it also plays with the concepts of “potential” and “value”.

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This original artwork, Leftovers 3D collage in dark blue, was created for the Leftovers collection. Through original collages, paper folds and paper cuts in geometric compositions, the collection “Leftovers” studies the potential of things. What something is made of and what it can be is its main focus. It ignores predefined scenarios. It evaluates and reevaluates.

Thus, the essence of this original artwork not only lies in the end result but also in the process, which was mainly guided by the characteristics of the leftover material. The design uses paper folds in a geometric composition. Playing with light and shadow, the design acts like a sculpture.

The collection “Leftovers” was designed for 2. Hamide Days and exhibited at DANSK made for rooms and partially at Northmodern receiving recognition by prominent bloggers.

Designed by Seda Özçetin in 2014 in Copenhagen.

One of a kind.

Material: Leftover 250 gr paper in dark blue with texture, carton box, thread.

Size: 16*16 cm

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Seda Özçetin

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Dark Blue

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Handmade, One of a Kind, Sustainable