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The planner “Planning Dreams and Some Errands” is the magic ingredient your every day life needed to achieve full satisfaction.

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The planner “Planning Dreams and Some Errands” stands out with a fresh perspective to every day life. Understanding the challenges of productivity and satisfaction from our daily lives, the planner tries to bring in a more mindful daily experience. Instead of creating an overwhelming “to do” list layout, the planner allows you to take a second to think about the day ahead; your expectations, your tasks and their place in your day, and your evaluation at the end of the day. This approach makes you more aware of your everyday both before the day starts and when it ends, and thus, allows you to improve your life.

The planner is designed as a notepad, consisting of 50 pages glued by their top edges with a supporting back cover in white-grey carton. The clean layout of the pages start with the motivating title “planning dreams and some errands”. The right side of the pages introduce the date area and a section to write down your expectations from the day with the title “what do I expect from today?”. The pages continue with the main planning section divided into two with the titles “to do” and “fun to do”. This division of tasks have two goals. One is to help the user create a a work-life balance where there is also room for tasks and activities that are fun to do. The second one is to help the user see the daily activities with different perspectives. So by adding a task you mostly see as “to do task” on the “fun to do” section, the user might be able to see the good and positive aspect of the task and hence enjoy doing it. The pages end with the evaluation section with the title “how was it?”

The grey lines on the white background creates a good balance in terms of visibility and readability. The guidelines are just visible enough to write straight and leave equal padding; and invisible enough to make your notes stand out. The back side of the pages are empty allowing an additional usage where there is no need for reference lines.

The planner is part of the “New Year Resolutions” collection introducing postcards, calendars, notebooks, and planners aiming to help create mindful everyday experiences.

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Seda Özçetin, Şeyda Özçetin

Design Year



New Year Resolutions




80 gr paper

Color Scheme

Grey, White

Pattern | Illustration | Form


Made in



Slow Living