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Postcard | Meet the Locals of Copenhagen: Bicycle

This postcard introduces an illustration of a bicycle, which is “the” choice when it comes to commuting in Copenhagen, with the humorous title “meet the locals of Copenhagen”.

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“Meet the Locals of Copenhagen: Bicycle” postcard features a minimalist illustration of a common bicycle form in the streets of Copenhagen. The postcard is part of the “Soul of City” collection, which is about our perception of cities and their culture. With this collection, we present the patterns we observe in cities in a playful and contemporary approach.

The fine lines of the bicycle postcard with its black and white color scheme makes it a perfect reflection of the Scandinavian minimalism. So, if you are like “ah, I wanna send a cool postcard to my friend and remember the good times we had in Copenhagen”, this is your item! It is also a great choice to pin on your board.

Designed by Seda Özçetin and Şeyda Özçetin in Copenhagen in 2013.

Size: A6 (105 * 148 mm)

Material: 300 gr paper, printed digitally in Germany

Quantity: 1 piece postcard, 1 piece Scandia envelope in ivory color

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Seda Özçetin, Şeyda Özçetin


Soul of City

Color Scheme

Black & White

Pattern | Illustration | Form

Inscription, Objects




Chromo Board 300 gr

Made in


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