Print | Meet the Locals of Copenhagen: Cykelslangen

Cykelslangen, the Bicycle Snake, has made any Copenhagener’s life easier. Before, it was such a hassle to bike from Islands Brygge to Vesterbro, cause either you needed to push your bike through stairs or take the long ride. But now, it is just smiley faces! So, naturally, it earned its place in the Meet the Locals of Copenhagen series.

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This art print from the “Meet the Locals of Copenhagen” series features an illustration of “Cykelslangen”, the bicycle bridge designed by Dissing+Weitling. Having made the lives of Copenhageners way easier, the Bicycle Snake immediately became a local icon. Hence it earned itself a spot in our “Soul of City” collection, which is about our perception of cities and their culture. With this collection, we present the patterns we observe in cities in a playful and contemporary approach.

Designed by Seda and Şeyda Özçetin in 2014 in Copenhagen.

Open edition, signed.

Material: 250 gr mat poster paper.

Size: 30 * 40 cm.

Printed in Germany.

Frames in a variety of finishes: 30*40 cm frame

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