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The print “Immigrant & Fabulous!” is for all the immigrants out there! You are courageous, resourceful, strong, positive, talented, patient, persistent, and good crazy! You create homes from scratch! You are immigrant and fabulous!

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The art print “Immigrant & Fabulous!” features the statement “Immigrant & Fabulous!” in bold black on white background. It is obviously a much needed reaction to hostile immigration politics and policies around the globe, as well as to the stigmatization of immigrants. In contrast to the political agenda, the print empowers the immigrants by allowing them to claim their fabulousness!

“Immigrant & Fabulous!” is part of the “I Feel From” collection, designed for the “I Feel From” social movement initiated by Hamide Design Studio. With this movement and collection we aim to challenge the focus on nationality with a new way of defining self, which is based on feelings of belonging to rather than race or place of birth.

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