Print | Meet the Locals of Copenhagen: Bicycle Path

Cycling over the blue bicycle paths of Copenhagen gives us another kind of pleasure. Maybe it is like a confirmation that we are in Copenhagen! So, naturally, the iconic blue bicycle path took its place in the “Meet the Locals of Copenhagen” series.

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The bicycle path print from the “Meet the Locals of Copenhagen” series features a graphical interpretation of the iconic blue bicycle paths in Copenhagen with a white bicycle icon. The bicycle paths are a significant element of transforming CPH into a safe cycling city. The blue cycling paths not only bring color to the urban texture but most importantly makes it more safe to cycle especially at the crossroads. So, we love them!

The print is part of “Soul of City” collection, which is about our perception of cities and their culture. With this collection, we present the patterns we observe in cities in a playful and contemporary approach.

TIP: If you want to learn more about the cycling paths in CPH, get a map or learn about different cycling routes, you can find more information on the municipality’s website.

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Seda Özçetin, Şeyda Özçetin

Design Year



Soul of City


30*40 cm


Poster Paper, 250 gr, mat

Color Scheme

Blue, White

Pattern | Illustration | Form

Inscription, Urban Elements

Made in


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