Second Quality Gabardine Totebag | Eight

We designed the “eight” bags in celebration of our eight year. While it is our eight year in business, it could be your eight something else. Eight year in life, in marriage, in a new city, in a job, in sobriety. You get the point. We separated these as second quality because there are some problems with the print such as smudges on the edges and so on.

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We think it is important to mark important milestones in our lives. So, in celebration of our eighth year, we designed the “Eight” gabardine totebags. While it is our eighth year in business, it might be another eight for you: eighth year in marriage, in life, in Copenhagen, eighth year in a row being a good person, eighth year of your friendship, having eight cats, … The possibilities are endless. So, with this bag, you will mark the day, the month, or the year, and be reminded of your accomplishment every time you use your bag.

The gabardine bag is made out of %100 cotton of 220gr/m². Gabardine, a tight woven fabric, makes this bag perfect for everyday use. It is durable for all your farmers market shopping and carrying books from the library. We handprinted the design using silkscreen printing technique. The second quality “Eight” canvas bags are for marking your eight year in something and celebrating in a budget. Due to the chosen production technique, we had slight issues with the print here and there and decided to separate them as second quality.

Eight totebags are part of “Let’s Celebrate” collection, which reminds us to appreciate and celebrate special occasions in minimal aesthetics.

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Seda Özçetin, Şeyda Özçetin

Design Year



Let's Celebrate


220 gr gabardine, 100% cotton


35 * 40 cm

Pattern | Illustration | Form

Inscription, Geometric

Color Scheme

Pink, Yellow


Second Quality

Product Care

Handwash inside out, Wash in 30 degrees

Made in



Handmade, Slow Production