Let’s Celebrate

Celebrations do not have to be cheesy. This collection looks into the special occasions in life in minimal elegance.


The collection started with a series of greeting cards to celebrate birthdays and special days, and for showing gratitude, love, and support. The postcards in this collection bring a contemporary and elegant approach to the subject that is mainly dominated by cheesy examples. All the postcards illustrate a common expression from the English language used in such occasions with minimal linework in black and white. The postcards in the series are: make a wish, enjoy your party, thanks a million, big hugs, and all you need is love.

We created the postcard mock-ups by using the template created by Marie Smith.


As time goes by, we understand more how important it is to celebrate and mark the milestones in our lives. Thus, in celebration of our eighth year, we designed the “Eight” gabardine totebags. While it is our eighth year in business, it might be another eight for you: eighth year in marriage, in life, in Copenhagen, eighth year in a row being a good person, eighth year of your friendship, having eight cats, … The possibilities are endless. So, with this series of totebags, you will mark the day, the month, or the year, and be reminded of your accomplishment every time you use your totebag.

Eight totebags of a variety of colors are spread around overlapping one another.

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