Happy Women’s Day

In 2013 March, we attended our very first market to sell Hamide designs. It was the Women’s Day market obviously to celebrate International Women’s Day organized by a local library in one of the suburbs of Copenhagen; Avadøvre. This was only 5 days after our mother and honorary founder Hamide’s funeral. Since that our brand is feminist this women’s day market had so much meaning for us. Even though we were very upset and exhausted due to the experience of losing Hamide, we did not want to cancel. Moreover we designed a collection and made the products ready for the market just in two days. This collection was called “Super Woman”!

At the time it included handmade postcards and handmade and printed totebags. The products present the statement “Super Kvinde” in Danish which is “Super Woman” in English. The meaning is quite obvious and straightforward. Yes, we believe that we, women, have amazing abilities; especially mentally and emotionally. We feel like the way our brains work is quite comprehensive and special that we can manage incredible things effortlessly including the things that are beyond our physical power because our minds are so strong. Our experience and observation is that women make things better, make the world better despite the fact that they did not and still do not even have the equal opportunities. In addition, women were and are discriminated, abused, silenced, looked down, treated extremely unfairly. We are amazed by the inequality but also amazed by our strength and capacity. We, women, all live at the level of super heroes. Be aware, be proud! Happy Women’s Day.

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