Ethniqa Magazine

event identity

The Brief

Design of event poster, flyers, and social media images for Ethniqa Magazine’s panel and photography exhibition on the portrayal of immigrant women in Danish media titled: “The Victim vs. The Patternbreaker: Where is the Woman in Between? (Offeret vs. mønsterbryderen: hvor er kvinden i midten?)”.

constraints: relation to the theme, striking, attractive, informative

The Design

The design visualizes the title and the theme of the event through a direct symbolism. The event’s focus on women is emphasized through the use of a woman symbol. The symbol is divided into two and splitted apart referencing the contrast between the victim (offeret) and the pattern breaker (mønsterbryderen) in the media. The victim (offeret) part of the symbol is black on white background as a reference to the negative connotations, and as the victim being a problem of the welfare society. Meanwhile,the patternbreaker (mønsterbryderen) part of the symbol is white on black background as someone emerging from problems successfully. This black and white color choice also refers to the simplified perception and representation, the lack of nuances and diversity in the media. The question “where is the woman in between” is placed in between these groups.

keywords: striking, clear, minimal

The Poster

Facebook Event Cover

Instagram Image

Poster, Flyer and Event Cover in Use