Logotype of Kvarterhuset's Makerspace in motion

Kvarterhuset’s Makerspace

visual identity design

The Brief

Design of visual identity as logotype and event poster / flyers for Kvarterhuset’s Makerspace.

keywords: context

The Design

The logotype takes its essence from the maker culture that is about working with different materials, shapes and technology with a creative mindset. The design is based on an alphabet of basic shapes as square, circle, triangle and rectangle. Each letter is constructed by combining the relevant shapes. Orange and pink color scheme is chosen due to their energetic, stimulating nature.

keywords: playful, dynamic, relevance to context

The Logotype

Logotype of Kvarterhuset's Makerspace

Event Posters & Social Media Images

Poster of documentary film screening by Kvarterhuset's Makerspace
Screenshot of Facebook event page of Kvarterhuset's Makerspace
Poster of event by Kvarterhuset's Makerspace
Screenshot of instagram post for Kvarterhuset's Makerspace's event