Scrunchie | Leftovers: Delicate Flowers | Handmade & Limited Edition

The best friend of pony tails and buns, aka the scrunchies are back! What is special about our scrunchie here is that it is handmade by our lead designer Seda out of leftover vintage fabric from our mother Hamide’s career. It is also a bit over-sized and super fluffy, so it will serve as a good statement piece on your head.

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The handmade, limited edition scrunchie “Leftovers: Delicate Flowers” is a result of a very very sustainable lifestyle. How so? Our mother Hamide was a fashion designer and she has designed and handmade so many items in her career since the age of 10. She was also a sustainability nerd. So, all the tiny pieces and bits of these fabrics she worked with, she kept them! So, now, it is our job to nurture these leftover pieces. Going through them and reorganizing, we started to envision scrunchies as a new life for some of these leftover pieces. Seda sat down and started sewing them. So, this handmade, limited edition scrunchie is part of our “Leftovers” collection.

Thus, the scrunchie you are looking at is quite special. It is a limited edition of 2. It is handmade through a very slow process out of vintage leftover fabric. The fabric has a beige base and is covered with a pattern of delicate flower illustrations in shades and tones of blue, attached to each other with brown branches.

We are not sure about the type of the fabric but it is a light weight fabric that drapes nicely and has a soft texture.

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Seda Özçetin

Design Year




Color Scheme

Beige, Blue, Brown

Pattern | Illustration | Form



Handmade, One of a Kind, Slow Production, Sustainable

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