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“Hamide Originals Sac” has arrived to help you with your plastic bag mountain, which grows every time you buy some veggies and fruits. The sac is handmade, hence imperfect, using leftover tulle from curtain production or outdated curtain textile sample catalogs. It can be used not only for grocery shopping but also as organizer, laundry bag for underwear, as travel bag or for storing variety of items. It is up to the user.

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“Hamide Originals Tulle Sac” is a small but significant step we take towards reducing plastic bag usage. We redesigned the sacs based on the original tulle sacs designed by our mother and honorary founder Hamide Yanç Özçetin, who was extremely obsessed with living sustainable way before it was fashion. She designed these kinds of sacs for storing and organizing non-food items or as laundry bag for underwear. Today, we use these bags for our grocery shopping, as organizers for our clothing, shoes and cosmetics when we travel as well as laundry bag for underwear. The bottom line is it is up to the user how to use it.

In the “Hamide Originals” collection, we try to stay true to the original works of Hamide. So, like she did, in the sacs, we worked with leftover tulle from curtain production or outdated curtain textile sample catalogs. We sourced the materials during our daily walks in the neighborhood over few months. As a result of working with small pieces of leftovers, the sac series in this collection is extremely rich in texture, pattern, and color. Therefore, they are limited edition and one of a kind.

The sacs are handmade by a local tailor in his atelier in our neighborhood. The sacs come in two sizes in a rectangle form to answer different needs. The satin ribbons on the sides are for tying up the sac. Each ribbon was specifically chosen for each bag, so they are in a variety of colors. The Hamide label on the back can also be used for hanging the sac when not used. It must be noted that since they are handmade by our local tailor they are imperfect.

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Hamide Yanç Özçetin, Seda Özçetin, Şeyda Özçetin

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Hamide Originals


Large: 33 * 45 cm


15 gram

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Handmade, Leftover Materials, Slow Production, Sustainable

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