Hamide Originals

This collection introduces redesigns of some of the original works of our honorary founder Hamide Yanç Özçetin.

Hamide Originals Tulle Sacs spread containing fruit and vegetables
A spread of Hamide Originals Tulle Sacs
A spread of Hamide Originals Tulle Sacs
Close-up photo of the Hamide Originals Tulle Sacs showing diverse texture of the fabric

Revisiting her design, which we still use at home as laundry bags, we also imagined an additional use as shopping sacs for vegetables and fruits. Overwhelmed by the use of plastic bags in grocery shopping, we were looking for a more environmental solution. While it is common to use reusable totebags for overall shopping, there is not a common sustainable solution for buying vegetables and fruits. People still use thin plastic bags to weigh and tag every vegetable and fruit in their shopping basket. Unfortunately, these bags usually end up in trash after one time use. The tulle sacs, due to the material, are quite lightweight, which makes them perfect for vegetables and fruits. Moreover, since they are durable and washable, they are perfectly reusable.

Two size of Hamide Original Tulle Sacs presented bearing fruits

Tulle Sacs

The original Hamide Sacs designed by Hamide Yanç Özçetin come in many shapes, sizes and materials. In her culture, it was common to store and organize things in sacs. So, she has been making sacs since she learnerd how to sew in the 50s.

One significant version is the tulle sacs made out of old tulle curtains. Hamide Yanç Özçetin originally designed them as laundry bags for small items as underwear or socks. We believe this design dates back to the 80s when she finally owned a washing machine. After experiencing losing items after every wash like many other women, she found a solution to the problem: the tulle sacs. The sacs were perfect to organize the laundry as well as washing them without losing any items. She preferred tulle due to its net structure, which allows water and detergent to easily pass through to clean the items.

Hamide Originals Tulle Sacs presented together

In the “Hamide Originals” collection, we try to stay true to the original works of Hamide. So, like she did, in the sacs, we worked with leftover tulle from curtain production or outdated curtain textile sample catalogs. We sourced the materials during our daily walks in the neighborhood over few months. As a result of working with small pieces of leftovers, the sac series in this collection is limited edition and one of a kind and extremely rich in texture, pattern, and color.

We designed the reusable “Hamide Originals Tulle Sacs” in two sizes in a rectangle form to answer different needs. We used satin ribbons on the sides for tying up the sacs. Each ribbon was specifically chosen for each bag, so they are in a variety of colors. The design decision to use satin ribbons adds an exclusive look and feel to the sac. This is not only because of the satin material choice, but also how you tie it up. When tied with ribbons, the sacs transform into a perfect gift wrap. In Turkish culture, it is very common to few kilos of fruits as a present when you visit someone. So, these sacs are not only bearing your fruit but also making a perfect gift wrap for such occasions. In addition, the sac itself could also be a gift in this scenario, if you leave it as well for later use. So, by gifting such an environmentally conscious object, you are not only giving a useful and beautiful gift but also contributing to the environment. If your sac is super precious for you to give as a gift, it is definitely always so fun to open a self given gift. In addition, the sacs carry a Hamide label on the back, which can also be used for hanging the sac when not used.

Production Process

The sacs are handmade, hence are proudly imperfect. They were sewn by our local tailor “Terzi Mutlu” (Tailor Happy) in Bahçelievler Ankara, where we currently reside. Seda, our lead designer, after making some prototypes, prepared the final template for the sacs and cut them accordingly at Terzi Mutlu’s atelier. Seyda, our art director, guided the tailor with the production, which was quite necessary due to the sac variety; a challenge of working with leftover materials.

Fabric sorting process of Hamide Originals Tulle Sacs
Making of Hamide Originals Tulle Sacs
Going through the ribbon box to find perfect matches for the Hamide Original Tulle Sacs
Making of Hamide Originals Tulle Sacs

In Practice

As we have previously written about on our blog, to test the idea we have been using the original sacs from our mother and our own prototypes at the local bazaar . Well, we love the experience. It feels great to know that we have reduced our plastic bag usage significantly. The sellers at the bazaar were first surprised by our initiative. Now, they recognize us and wait for us to hand in the bag to fill. Needless to say, we are the most stylish women at the bazaar with our sacs.

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