3 Days of Design

Our exclusive “Hacked!” series for the Mater Earth Gallery was on display during 3 Days of Design, which is the leading annual design event in Copenhagen. We paid a quick visit to the gallery to see the exhibition. Wow! Such an amazing spacious space in NordVest! We loved how our products were exhibited alongside the Wasteland exhibition at the gallery. Afterall, the “Hacked!” series is about upcycling expired printed materials into new products while also upcycling memories.

We also loved other selection of products the gallery presents to complement their own Mater products. Handmade using good materials in serene color schemes, the selection urges you to just move into a beautiful apartment in Christianshavn like the ones in Hammershøi paintings and fill it just enough with products from the Mater Earth Gallery. We are still working on this dream!

Selfie through the mirror signage of Mater Earth Gallery Copenhagen
"Hacked!" notebooks, artworks and cardholders on display at Mater Earth Gallery Copenhagen

Seyda usually tells an exciting story, this time to Cleo, the curator of the gallery.

"Hacked!" notebooks, artworks, and cardholders on display at Mater Earth Gallery Copenhagen

It is not often that our notebooks get this much of a space. So, we were like “this is exactly what they needed!”

Entrance of Mater Earth Gallery Copenhagen

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