We were at London Stationery Show!

This year we tried something new and participated in London Stationery Show to expand our network of retailers, collaborating partners, and horizon. It was fun!

London Stationery Show Building
Our stand

A minimalist stand for our minimalist designs

In May 2024, we exhibited a selection of our stationery products at London Stationary Show. It was our first time introducing our studio and brand to the UK market. Challenged by setting up a stand in another country that we cannot fill our Christiania bikes to cycle over, we brilliantly managed to come up with quite a light weight stand design. As always, it was fun to set it up, interact, feel the vibe, and plan for future collaborations.

Outstanding designs

We received much appreciation for our designs. A common reflection was that our products were quite different. They stood out at times with the minimal aesthetics, at times with color choices, and at times with the material and handmade quality.

Our highlight, ‘Leftovers’ collection showcasing handbound notebooks out of leftover papers, was celebrated for its focus on sustainability.

‘Ebruli’ collection was found very striking with the color choices and the beautiful graphic created as the colors floated and blended in.

The ‘Let’s Celebrate’ collection of postcards was appreciated for its minimal aesthetics as opposed to the cheesy alternatives in the market.

‘A Simple …’ cardholders in sharp and fun color combinations were found surprising and original.

‘Geometric Love’ collection were admired for their paterrns, and the notebooks for their paper selection and high quality handwork.

‘Soul of City’ collection was found cute as always.

‘Hamide Basics’ notepads were appreciated for their calmness, while ‘Planning Dreams and Some Errands’ sparked some ‘i need this!’ expressions.

One common reflection among the visitors was though the effect of Brexit in collaborations with companies based outside the UK. Some buyers seemed to be concerned about the bureaucracy involved and the financial implications.

Overall, we really appreciated the opportunity to introduce our work in London. We are hoping to take these conversations to the next step so that people in London have easier access to our products. One happy meet-up at the fair was with Plantsea, a company in the Wales producing regenerative biomaterials for a sustainable future. We bought a small batch of their seaweed paper to test in our future paper products. Looking forward to exploring what we can design with them.

A variety of Hamide notebooks and postcards

Want to explore some of the products we exhibited?