Lemons and Resilience

Oxford dictionary describes resilience as “the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. Does the fact that we salivate when we see lemons mean that we are aroused by challenges because … by nature we aspire to be resilient?

If that is true, we at Hamide are crazy about resilience. We looooooove lemons! A kilo a week, finishing up the squeezed ones with a touch of salt wishing for more! We feel incomplete when the fridge lacks a lemon. We think the bright yellow, sour fruit is probably the best thing that happened to salads, cocktails, ice creams, and any still life photo. It takes the boring away and adds a character. It is such a stimulant. You look at it and say with motivation “challenge accepted!”

There is a strong chance, all this lemon consumption accompanied with red hot chili, have made us resilient, super resilient. It is not just the vitamin C, it is the attitude. Lemon teaches you the attitude you need when life gives you lemons. That’s probably why we had no problems adapting to the isolation state. Also, life has given us sooooo many lemons so far. And we all know practice helps!

So, to help you a bit in your “life is giving me lemons!” situation, we decided to share a few documentaries we were blown away by the resilient characters they portrayed.

Package with lemon and clementine illustration used for citrus

Documentaries to Watch to Get a Perspective


We looooooooved this Oscar nominated documentary!

Apart from the desire to eat tons of honey, “Honeyland” gives you the wisdom you need in life especially these days. The resilience the lead character shows in every challenge she faces on daily basis gives you a perspective. If you think you are isolated, you will understand you weren’t. You will also understand to be isolated is not such a bad thing and you can make the most of it and actually enjoy it.

Chef’s Table

We think cooking is a great tool to learn resilience among other things. You need to plan and do a lot in a limited time frame, and that could lead up to many problems hence solutions. And when you do it at professional level, everything gets amplified.

In the documentary series “Chef’s Table” you are introduced to many chefs, their dreams, fears, struggles, failures, and successes. You get a new perspective, a good appetite, some notes for your travel plans, and a very strong motivation to try new things in the kitchen. Realizing that you lack the talent, knowledge, and the ingredients necessary for the dish you have just seen becomes your first exercise of resilience. As a result, you might try to come up with a recipe that most resembles the one on TV, improve your chopping skills, and adjust your expectations. And thus, you are a little bit more resilient!

Making a Murderer

The documentary series “Making a Murderer” challenges the boundaries of hope when the system demoralizes you over and over again.  For resilience, you need hope and your dreams, otherwise, no point in trying to get back on your feet.

The series edited really well keeping you on the edge, trying to get to the truth and keep your hopes high together with the lead characters. The heavy story makes you understand all the precious little things in your life. As a result, for most of you, your stay home situation won’t seem as big of a deal afterwards.

The Keepers

The documentary series “The Keepers“, yet another heavy one, again is about the hope for the truth when it looks like all the doors keep closing. It sadly illustrates you need to rise above the no’s and keep pushing.

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Immigrant & Fabulous!

“Immigrant & Fabulous!” series goes to all the immigrants out there, who sometimes need a little bit of a motivation. We all know that the immigration systems in the world are based on demoralization of immigrants. So, every immigrant practices resilience all the time as they face the inhuman rules or prejudices in the society.

Your Outing is Just Around the Corner!

It is very healthy to dream your life after isolation. Plan how it is gonna be and make some much needed changes and adjustment such as living more sustainable. Our shopping sacs and bags are what you need.

Our shopping sacs made out of leftover materials and handprinted canvas bags would reduce your plastic bag usage. The Raintree bags, handmade out of recycled plastic by extremely resilient women living very challenging lives will motivate you in your resilience journey.

Keeping your Memories Alive to Dream for More!

Remembering your great life in the city might help you to dream for creating more memories. These prints would not only motivate you in your isolation state but also make your home cozier. Moreover, these days, you can save %25 on the prints on the cart.

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